V2.11 2014 March 17

  • CE-Symm is now distributed as a binary that is available for download

V2.10 2013 July 3

  • Symmetry page now supports JSmol

V2.9 2013 Feb 11

  • New command line options for running DB searches.

V2.8 2012 Oct 22

  • Improvements for dealing with biological assemblies

V2.7 2012 Jun 05

  • Web site now with improved documentation for how to script from command line.
  • Download bundle now using a new build-script

V2.6 2012 Apr 25

  • jCE/jFATCAT download now supports execution of CE-CP (detection of Circular Permutations)

V2.5 2011 Oct 3rd

  • Symmetry census of SCOP has a better performing interface.

V2.4 2011 Sep 29th

  • CE-symm now can calculate the order of symmetry.

V2.3 2011 July 11th

  • New parameter for symmetry detection: It is now possible to weight sequence conservation during alignment calculation.

V2.2 2011 May 17th

  • symmetry interface now with stable URLs
  • Local version: Now correctly storing the local file-path of the user provided file
  • fixed an issue with Calpha atoms that had alternate locations

V2.1 2011 April 30th

  • Added a new symmetry interface for the detection of internal symmetries and similarities within proteins

V1.1 2010 July 16th

  • Support for alignment of SCOP domains
  • Several new command line parameters
  • Can fetch and display single PDB IDs and SCOP domains in Jmol

V1.0 2010 April 9th

  • Support for Circular Permutations (Spencer Bliven)

V0.9 2009 Nov 18th

  • New, interactive, alignment display panel
  • New UI for running local DB searches against PDB40
  • Web site has new look and feel.